Sunday, December 26, 2004

There's been a lot of autopsy-style analysis in Blogville of Rudy Guiliani's 2008 White House prospects in the wake of Bernie Kerik's spontaneous combustion.

What I am reading from conservatives is that they still think he has a bright future as the party's standard-bearer in a post-Dubya world.


Discounting other brother Jeb (which is easier than ever in this post-Christmas shopping period), Guliani stands a snowball's chance in the Heights if McCain decides to run. The sad fact for sensible, moderate Republicans is that their poster boy Rudy was used like a dishrag by Karl Ro--err, Bush's campaign, and now that his usefulness has ended he's been discarded. There is simply no place in the current permutation of the GOP (read: Southern Christian fundamentalists) for a person with Guiliani's positions.

Besides, Hillary already punked that chump once.

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