Monday, June 27, 2011

Tea Bags versus Money Bags

Or as South Texas Chisme put it: Republican bigotry meets Republican greed, and greed won. This from Jason Embry (and more recent Tweeted updates in my feed in the right-hand column):

Legislation to bar sanctuary cities in Texas is “all but dead,” according to a source close to negotiations at the Capitol.

Gov. Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House speaker Joe Straus had agreed to put language in Senate Bill 1, a fiscal matters bill, that would financially penalize any Texas city that has a sanctuary city policy.


The language appears to be dead because Senate negotiators, led by Sen. Robert Duncan, R-Lubbock, don’t want it in Senate Bill 1, the source said. And with the special legislative session set to end Wednesday, supporters believe there is not realistically enough time left to pass the sanctuary cities ban using another legislative vehicle.

That would mean that "Swift Boat" Bob Perry and Charles "Laughing My" Butt "Off" have trounced the Tea Party Caucus of the Republican Party of Texas, which means a whole bunch of Republican legislators are going to get primaried from the right in 2012.

Mark Jones' premise -- that defeat of the sanctuary cities legislation means Rick Perry is #winning, Charlie Sheen-style -- remains intact. Though the NALEO attendees in San Antone last week might not be buying that.

It just amazes me that the Teas continue to allow themselves to be used like dishrags by the Republicans. I think they still believe they can take over the party from the rich right-wing freaks.

That's simply delusional.

It's long past time that the Tea Party break off from the TX GOP, but they don't have the sense or the gumption to get that done. They'll just keep marching in lockstep, punching a straight ticket then sneaking into HEB to buy groceries while claiming their boycott of Perry Homes is working because they're not buying one.

It's still difficult to believe there are so many ignorant and lazy Texans out there actually doing the voting.

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