Monday, January 25, 2021

The Weekly Wrangle from Far Left Texas

Anyone else worn out from these "Hold my beer" challenges between our Lone Star Coupks?

Paxton is leaving state government in less than two years.  One way or another.

Maybe Texas Republicans will police themselves, but I won't hold my breath.  I'd rather see the GOP, here and everywhere, cleave itself in two.

On the lower rungs of Lone Star deplorables:

Garret Miller of Richardson posted along with his selfies that he "just wanted to incriminate himself a little LOL".  Mission accomplished.

The yeoman's work of identifying the Texas insurrectionists came not from police but from local progressive activists, who've been dealing with these knobs in their communities for a long time.


"What is it about the pandemic that’s made people toss common sense in exchange for legalism?"

Bud Kennedy at the StartleGram reports on the Oathkeepers' ties to Fort Worth-area LEO.  Jenna Ryan, the Frisco realtor who demanded a pardon from Trump after her insurrection antics were well-documented on social media, said she rode on that private plane to DC "because of a cute guy".  Who got with another girl.  Sami Sparber for the San Antone Current wrote about the Texas-based anti-vax org that collected over $100,000 in PPP money last year.

Informed Consent Action Network was among five anti-vaccine groups that collectively received more than $850,000 in federal loans from the Paycheck Protection Program, the Washington Post reported ... The organization received $166,000 in May, according to founder Del Bigtree. [...] The Austin-based nonprofit has more than 43,000 followers on Facebook and regularly posts information questioning the safety of the coronavirus vaccines. Facebook and YouTube penalized Bigtree’s online anti-vaccine talk show last year for violating misinformation policies and downplaying the severity of the pandemic.

Lauren Drewes Daniels for the Observer blogged that Dallas County had sought an equitable vaccine distribution plan, and the state said 'nope'.  Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and BLM activists continue negotiations on a civilian police accountability board (why these discussions are moving so slowly I leave to your imagination.)

“My thought process is that we’re stagnated,” said Ashton P. Woods of Black Lives Matter Houston.

Woods, along with other community activists, have said they’ve worked for years to see some of the reform policies come into fruition and argues change can begin now.

“Many of the recommendations from this advisory council, much like others, looks like it’s collecting dust on the shelf,” Woods said.

There are positive developments.

Tricia Cortez at LareDOS took note of Trump's border wall ... hitting the wall.

There was an election over the weekend, and as expected two Republicans go to a runoff for the vacancy in the statehouse.  One is a wealthy business owner and one meets the governor's seal of approval.  TXElects:

Jacksboro attorney and Jacksboro ISD trustee David Spiller will face Nocona boot manufacturer Craig Carter in a runoff election to fill the unexpired House term of Sen. Drew Springer (R-Muenster).

The Texas Signal talks about a preliminary effort to create a pipeline of candidates for US attorneys and federal court judges.  Better late than never, I suppose.  This is a microcosm of the Donkey Party's ineptitude in one glance: a total failure to understand or wield power.  Why did DC Senate Democrats go into hibernation when Obama was president, failing to force a single judicial confirmation until Harry Reid finally sucked it up and eliminated the filibuster for those?  Why couldn't they figure out a way to stop Moscow Mitch from confirming a third of the Supreme Court and a fourth of the entire federal judiciary -- nominated by an impeached president -- over the past four years?  And for the past week, McConnell has again taught a master class in obstructionism even as Majority Leader Schumer extends his hand of cooperation and draws back a bloody stump?

To bring this point back home: how does the Texas Democratic Party have a Latino chairman for the past 8 years and lose counties in the RGV to Trump?!?

Something is deeply wrong, and it can't all be the fault of the worst Republicans in the country.  Maybe TexDems can just wait until, you know, demographics turn the tide for them.

See, by the time this saves their hides, the Gulf will be lapping at the state Capitol's south steps.

Here's a business news update.

As alternative fuels rise, carbon-based energy sources fall.

That doesn't stop Mr. Tesla from fighting for the right to drill for natgas near his launching pads in Boca Chica.

More snark, in keeping with this blog's motto (at the top, in case you forgot):

I'll call this next segment "end of an era".

Jeff Balke for the Houston Press sadly (at least for this blogger) detailed four things we will miss with the departure of George Springer to the Toronto Blue Jays.  And former Rockets owner and automobile titan Charlie Thomas passed away from COVID.

I have a handful of Texas music links.

Socratic Gadfly has Janis Joplin singing a Mercedes-based river for Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.  The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences in Lubbock is now prepares to open in February (though with less fanfare than they had hoped).

(Rave On, the restaurant inside the Buddy Holly Hall, as it gets ready for its debut. 
Photo courtesy Justin Rex, Lubbock A-J)

And I'll wrap it today with these.

Lauren Hough tears apart an essay from a Californian who moved to "Austin" with absolutely no sense of geography, reality, or self-awareness.

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