Monday, January 18, 2021

The Sedition Edition of the Far Left Texas Wrangle

And at the end of the first week, they adjourned until January 26.

At least one member caught COVID.

Before moving on, let's note for the occasion of MLK Day that while casino gambling and relaxed cannabis legislation may be on life support, hopes for passing a symbolic bill striking a blow for social justice remain high.

The state Capitol was locked down through the Inauguration on Wednesday in order to limit the opportunities for mischief and misadventure. Some Fa protestors showed up anyway.

Those who chose to mark their disapproval with the Pro-Fas in our federal government also rallied.

And some action items for those who didn't want to leave the house, too.

The NRA wants to come to Texas to escape some of their many problems.

Maybe they could stop buying so much avocado toast ...?

COVID remains the state's worst problem despite all the others.

Jacob Vaughn at the Dallas Observer documents the communication breakdowns at all levels of government for the vaccine chaos. Socratic Gadfly, in his weekly roundup of coronavirus news, led off with COVIDIOTS in a Love Field baggage carousel and went on to note the airport's and Southwest Airlines' lack of responsiveness.

Criminal and social justice headlines:

And some climate updates.

Obstacles? What obstacles?

And wrapping today's Wrangle, a tip of the Stetson to Willie Lusk, Jr.

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