Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hot Texas takes about Beto, Pelosi, and Stormy's attorney

-- The blue worm is turning for Bob.

Yes, one point.  Yes, kos getting all giddy.  Go ahead and read the replies for a sense of what's happening on the ground, and try to ignore the consultants, wannabe consultants, and associated "Ahmanexpurt" pundificating.

(I'm surprised Kuffner is so slow on this.  Just the other day he said he wasn't buying that the race was close and that he'd need to see a poll with O'Rourke in the lead.  He should eventually resemble some eagerness once he finishes with campaign finance reports, I guess.  I have to say it again: that blog is a shell of its former small-handed, pear-shaped, obsessive-compulsive, number-nerdy self.  Which is to say it is still all of those things, just completely unreadable now.)

Texas Democrats fell in love with Bob early on, and are now so frenzied with Betomania they're about to leave a wet spot on their chairs.  Yes, that is as disgusting as it sounds.

He's rolling out positive TV ads, he's already spending more on Facebook than anyone except Trump, and the debates are coming.  The race will be much closer than I thought just a few weeks ago.

-- Nancy Pelosi is in town again today, with SJL and Congresswoman-in-waiting Sylvia Garcia.

Pelosi and Jackson Lee will participate in an event organized by Jackson Lee called the Mom’s Summit. That event starts at 10 a.m. at the Houston Community College central campus at 1300 Holman Street. Later, Pelosi attends a town hall meeting with Garcia’s campaign that is focused on immigration, gun violence and health care. That event is at 2 p.m. at Talento Bilingue, 333 S. Jensen Drive, Houston.

Keep an eye out for other local Congressional hopefuls who might be in attendance, like Dayna Steele, Mike Seigel, and Sri Preston Kulkarni.  These are the Dems who have presented themselves as progressives, and could be more likely to join the 50 others (including 9 incumbents, list here) who say they will not support Pelosi for Speaker should the Ds take back the House.

On the other hand, expect to see Blue Dogs like Todd Litton and incumbent Al Green.  Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, in avoiding giving John Culberson a cudgel to hit her with, refuses to say whether or not she will support Pelosi; so do Texas Democrats Colin Allred, Adrienne Bell, Gina Ortiz Jones, and MJ HegarSteven David (the sacrificial lamb for House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady), who desperately needs some publicity of any kind, ought to show up.

There will be a ton of local candidates, judicials, and perhaps a few statewides as well.  Attendance and the Tweeting of photos can be inferred as endorsements.  "Make of that what you will."

Update: No noteworthy sight-ems.  This, though.

While Pelosi had no public events with Fletcher or Democrat Todd Litton, who is running in the 2nd Congressional District in northern and northeastern Harris County, she cited them as two of the best chances Democrats have of picking up Republican-held seats around Houston in the November elections.

Republican Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, who is running against Litton, said he has no worries about Pelosi coming in to help his opponent, to whom she contributed $7,000 earlier this year. Litton previously picked up campaign donations from Pelosi, the California Democrat who hopes to become Speaker of the House again in 2019 if Democrats win back control of the U.S. House. Crenshaw said instead of being worried about Pelosi’s influence, he’s hoping it will fire up his supporters.

-- Last, Michael Avenatti, better known as Stormy Daniels' lawyer, was in H-Town yesterday.

Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti, who gained national fame for representing porn star Stormy Daniels in her defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, appeared in a Houston immigration court Tuesday to reunify a 9-year-old immigrant boy with his mother, who had been deported to Guatemala.

The attorney and cable TV fixture visited early-voting Iowa over the weekend after announcing a potential presidential bid. In Houston, he urged the goverment to immediately release Anthony Tobar Ortiz so that he could return to Central America with Avenatti that same day.

A lot more about the child's case he argued at the link.  I join the opinion that the mainstream media is doing the same favor for Avenatti that they did for Trump about four years ago.


Gadfly said...

Hey, "Beto" invited me to a concert in Dallas next week Saturday. I will give him credit that tickets start at the relatively cheap $25 for what's ultimately a political fundraiser. Even though he too is a ConservaDem, he's running a better campaign than Davis, White and others for either senator or gov in the past.


"Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti." Yep, that said it all. Add in his ignorance that the kid and mom both fled Guatemala to escape a thuggish government empowered in part by the US gummint, and that caps him to a T.

Plus, the #Resistance folks are already eating him up, ignoring that he's a plutocrat who's apparently cheated on both tax filings and wage payments.

meme said...

I don't understand the hate on Kuffner or the Democrats, even if Bernie does win it will be as a Democrat.

PDiddie said...

I don't hate Kuffner. Manny. Why would you say that?

PDiddie said...

(Manny/meme quotes graf about Kuff above in parens)

You don't have to quote me to me, Manny. What I wrote about Kuffner -- about his blog mostly -- isn't "hate" but snark.

My point is that Off the Kuff just isn't a very good blog any longer. It's written for a very small audience: Houston-based or -focused Democratic consultants. There's occasionally an acorn for the ground-level liberal field hand or activist, but if you're really that interested in campaign finance reports for HISD or Houston city council candidates (which won't stand for election until 2019) then you're probably an establishment political elitist. Somebody who goes to those "Roundtable" meetings. How many people are we talking about in Houston? Couple a hundred? Including Republicans?

He's written two posts about Beto in the past week but nothing about the poll that shows O'Rourke barely in the lead. It's not like he isn't wanting for an opportunity to pimp out the skateboarder, after all. Being pals with David Nir doesn't seem to be accelerating a reaction, either. Why don't you ask Kuff what the lag is. Maybe it's just a bad poll and he doesn't want to say so, I don't know.

Beyond all that ... what's the point of reading that blog if I already have a subscription to the Houston Chronicle? Do I need Charles Kuffner to read the local paper to me and explain what it means? Do you?

That blog has been published almost as long as this one and has not evolved one iota in 16 years, even as the ground around it (for the Democratic Party, to be clear) has quaked, cracked, opened up and is preparing to swallow the centrists in a gaping maw of "soshulist" lava.

And the children -- aka millennials -- will lead them.

I don't hate the player; I hate the game. But the game is changing, more to my liking, and you're not going to read about it at Off the Kuff.

See, it's sort of like working for an oil company: maybe he can get to retirement before the shit hits the fan. Try to imagine what Kuffner will blog about when the two-party duopoly breaks into pieces like ice in the Arctic. (Actually, he'll probably still be blogging about CFR. What else does he know?)