Friday, January 16, 2015

Just vote progressive in 2016 (and 2015)

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, blahblahblah.

Will she or won't she?  Only her hairdresser knows for sure, I suppose.  I remain of the opinion that these relentless entreaties to get her to jump in, mostly being made by but also others, are just sad to watch.

As for Bernie, he's narrowed his own options down to 'not running'.  And don't worry, Democrats; the Greens still have essentially nobodyThe Libertarians might be set for some fun, though.

But it's really up to the Republicans to provide the next two years of entertainment, and thankfully they aren't disappointing us.  That will continue to be a target-rich environment for a snarky blogger, but I'll keep efforting to limit my contributions to the 140-characters-or less-variety, occasionally seen in the column to your right.

I'm going to try to keep the focus on H-Town politics for the year, as there is so much news breaking that some of it will go national.  The only thing you need to remember to do -- besides vote, that is -- is to vote for the most liberal candidates and issues on your ballot this year (and next, please).  Toss out the labels.  Which is what they want you to do anyway, seeing as how it's supposed to be non-partisan and all.

We don''t need annnny more conservatives down at City Hall.  That goes for conservative, pro-business, mushy-middle moderate Democrats as well.  With the tiny number of Houstonians historically participating in city elections, with the well-motivated right-wing freaks in the 'burbs excluded by geography but not by activism, we need all progressives on deck.  Houston cannot be allowed to devolve by apathy into Lubbock.


Gadfly said...

And dammit, liberal people, especially minorities — turn out to vote in your local elections!

Unknown said...

Elizabeth Warren for President!