Thursday, January 15, 2015

Gun goons invade Capitol, threaten state rep in his office

An already-well-documented atrocity by many others, here's the video and the Houston Press account.

A video posted by Kory Watkins, a member of Open Carry Tarrant County, shows gun activists confronting State Rep. Poncho Nevarez, a Democrat from Eagle Pass, in his capitol office Tuesday. The crew of gun-rights supporters was apparently shopping a bill filed by GOP Rep. Jonathan Stickland, which, if passed, would allow Texans to openly carry handguns without even obtaining a license.

This type of deliberately confrontational behavior -- over guns, on the first day of the legislative session -- is even more sobering when you consider it's actually easier to get into the State Capitol with a concealed carry license than without one (no line, no metal detector, no routine security check for concealed carriers).

Just imagine the scene if some black or brown people had done something like this.  The Lege has responded, moving quickly toward some safe-guarding of their members, which will hopefully be in place before the next brazen stunt that threatens to spin out of control into violence.

These Open Carry Tarrant County thugs (mugshots of two of the perps at this link) are at odds with the Open Carry Texas contingent in tactics but not in goal.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Open Carry Texas leader CJ Grisham condemned Open Carry Tarrant County on Facebook and Twitter. “I am so pissed at the actions of people today inside the Capitol. Totally counterproductive and unprofessional."

“I mean, it’s the first day of the Legislature, we are this close to getting open carry passed, and now these guys want to come and manufacture a firearm on the steps of the Capitol? I just don’t get it.”

That helps, but not if Rep. Stickland keeps throwing gas on the fire, as he did right before this standoff occurred.

"With your help, we are going to storm this Capitol and quit getting on our knees and asking for the Second Amendment back," Stickland told the armed crowd gathered Tuesday. "We are going to take it back."

Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America had the best analysis.

“This divide within the open carry groups right now in Texas seems like an easy way for some of these bills to seem more ‘reasonable’, said Watts. “Moms are here to make sure these attempts do not go unchecked, we remember the threats and intimidation, and we will not sit idle and let this sort of behavior become acceptable.”

Earlier this week members of the Texas chapter of (MDAfGSiA) visited 175 offices in the state legislature with cookies and strollers in tow to introduce themselves and discuss common-sense gun legislation and the chapter’s opposition to expanding open carry in Texas.

The bill is going to pass, gun nuts.  Take your toys -- the ones that compensate for your shortcomings, inadequacy, and self-confidence -- and go home so that cooler (big) heads can calm this situation down enough for you to get what you want.  Threats and intimidation simply aren't good PR moves for an inexorable gun activist movement.

We'd like to avoid any Newtowns, Auroras, and/or Charlie Hebdos from you.  Thanks in advance.

Update: Texas Leftist has this.

As this legislature gets rolling, let’s hope that they remember one thing about guns.  If you pass an Open Carry law for Texas, you pass it for everyone.  All the panic buttons in the world won’t change that.  It’s time for Texans to unite for common-sense policies, and say no to a Big Government legislature that would force all of us to be less safe.


Zacherydtaylor said...

"Just imagine the scene if some black or brown people had done something like this."

You mean like the Black Panthers in the 1960's when governor Ronald Reagan supported gun control?

PDiddie said...

Something kinda like that, Zach, although I don't find evidence that indicates the BPs went to Sacramento and threatened state legislators.

It might be useful to refer a recent post here about the earliest beginnings of police departments, which notes that they were runaway slave patrols before they were even called militias by the Framers. And there's also an explanation there about why Texas has been among the last of states to move toward open carry (they didn't want the runaway slaves shooting back at the po-po).

Greg said...

Yeah -- this group should have blocked highways and burned down neighborhoods like we've seen in Ferguson.

Of course, the reality is that these citizens were merely exercising their legal and constitutional rights to petition their government for a redress of grievances. They had the audacity to raise voices and even -- *gasp* -- try to keep one of their employees from slamming a door in their faces rather than allow them to do so.

Of course, they would have been better off to have ignored Nevarez -- like you would any other racist douchebag opposed to American citizens exercising liberties protected by the Bill of Rights.

PDiddie said...

And if the Texas legislators (most of them black, and dressed as policemen) had gunned down countless of these unarmed Krusaders over the centuries, then you might have approached an equivalency.

But as usual, you didn't.

(That Twitter beating I gave you only lasted a couple of weeks? You ARE stuck on stupid, aren't you?)

Google "Reagan Black Panthers", putz.

PDiddie said...

"What twitter beating?"

This Twitter beating, you putz.

I should have expected that when I mentioned sexual inadequacies that you'd show up.

Gadfly said...

Oh, hello, Greg. Goodbye, Greg.

And Nevarez is a racist douchebag? "malinchistas" was just his expression of opinion and analysis.

Perry, I'll hold Greg down for any other sort of cyberbeating you want to administer.