Monday, May 26, 2014

Dan Patrick lied about his mental illness

And those lies are revealed in Big Jolly's post hereUpdate: For the predictable firestorm in the comments section, go read the original.

So much for that withering "Hillary has brain damage" line of attack (Greg).  I mean, she'll just lie about it, the media won't press her on it, and she still gets elected president in 2016.  Pssst: I'm channeling the conservative hive mind here.

And yes, this development is still not bad enough to sway the deep thinkers among Harris County and Lone Star Republican primary voters, many of whom have cast ballots by mail already, and the rest waiting to do so tomorrow in person.  As Morgan Smith at the TexTrib has noted, the most extreme of Texas conservatives on the GOP primary runoff ballot seem to have weathered the storms of controversy surrounding them, and appear poised to claim victory tomorrow evening.

As previously pondered with respect to both Patrick and Greg Abbott, will these right-off-a-cliff moves have any greater effect among the Texas general electorate in November?

Well?  Will they?


Greg said...

Actually, I did not say that Hillary Clinton has brain damage. Indeed, I was clear that I hope she does not. And I even noted that questions should have been raised about the neurological health of Reagan and McCain. My point is that we ought to know one way or another with ANY presidential candidate.

Gadfly said...

Given the 2011 incident, I'm sure Straus is just loving the idea of working with Danny Boy on the Lege's calendar, conference committees to settle different versions of a bill and all that good stuff.

We thought the Senate was a clusterfuck under the Dew, and really, we ain't seen nothing yet if Danny Boy wins.