Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Austin over the weekend

-- Slow to gather my thoughts on this past weekend's Texas Green Party convention in Austin.  Socratic Gadfly has his take on the most interesting development: whether the Greens should formally cede the governor's race to Wendy Davis in order to avoid catching "Nader 2000" repetitive blame.  (The Nader-traitor myth was debunked by yours truly here, ICYMI.)  My opinion doesn't vary much from what SocFly wrote, but I will expand on the point after today's tax deadline is in my rearview mirror.

Until I can get to that, we saw many beautiful wildflowers on the drive over, we ate some incredible barbecue at Stiles Switch -- that old retro shopping center it occupies was the location of some scenes from one of Matthew McConaughey's lesser films -- and had even more delicious Cuban fare at this SoCo place.  And if you take 290 and hanker for la comida Mexicana, Los Patrones in Giddings esta muy sabroso.

-- Speaking of tastiness, Governor Goodhair might turn into a ham sandwich.

More likely not, but it'll be fun to watch him sweat.

That's all I have time for today.  Much more in the pipeline.


Gadfly said...

Gracias on the food tip. Need to get that general way to Lockhart sometime, myself. On flowers, I miss being over in the Hill Country. Inks Lake area had some great views.

PDiddie said...

Salt Lick was our original destination Friday night, but we decided the traffic on a Friday night at 7 p.m. was going to be too difficult, so we stayed in town (Stiles Switch is on Lamar, a few miles beyond the Pearl Street Co-op).

And we came in on I-10/71 but left town on 290 -- a route we rarely take any more because of traffic -- because of the MS150 bike riders coming in on 71. And the wildflowers were terrific on both roads.

Gadfly said...

Good old post on the Nader issue. Finally clicked through on it. Beyond breaking the no-campaign issue, I will note that Nader was a bit of a financial hypocrite, owning some Big Oil stocks that "somebody" revealed the last couple of weeks before the election.

Related, this is part of why I don't like the Justice Party today. First, Rocky Anderson isn't all that liberal. Second, I think Nader backs the Justice Party out of spite to Greens who won't coronate him after he refuses to actually campaign.