Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Holiday Funnies

I pity the fool who shows this to Megyn Kelly.


Greg said...


I guess you are going to argue that depicting a character based upon a white Christian saint as a black homosexual is SOOOOO tolerant on SOOOO many levels.

PDiddie said...

Why in the FUCK aren't you in church?

It's the week before Xmas, and all you can do is post shit to my blog? You're going to hell, pal.

Gadfly said...

No, no, not hell, especially since it doesn't exist.

Greg is going to the Castro, the week before the Gay Pride parade!

Greg said...

Oh? Now you are trying to dictate what time I go to church? Do you even know what time services are at my church? Heck -- do you even know which church I attend, or what denomination I am a part of?

Sorry to see that you are a moralizing, judgmental hatemonger, Perry. Not surprised, just sorry. But I'll pray for you anyway.

Oh, and Gadfly -- even though I am a native-born San Franciscan, I can tell you that I've no interest in hanging around the cesspool that is the Castro before, during, or after a Gay Pride event. Not my thing -- even though I have many gay and lesbian friends and family members who I love.