Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Piers Morgan, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and Ted Nugent

-- All at a gun store in Katy. No, I don't want to excerpt any of it. I'm sorry I even read it myself.

-- The pathetic PTSD-stricken vet who shot the alleged "hero" sniper/author at the gun range is as fucked up as you can imagine. But by all means, let's start a few more wars.

Remember: it's not a gun issue, it's a mental health issue.

As if Republicans since Reagan have had some greater concern for mental health issues...

-- Then again, the 21st century field of battle is precisely what drones the size and weight of a finch are for. (Lockheed Martin must be shitting bricks as they are forced to make plans for a pilotless aircraft future.)

After all, it makes so much more sense to just assassinate suspected terrorists on the battlefield -- or in the middle of the desert, or while they are at a wedding -- rather than capture them and torture them. The CIA may be a little put out over the loss of influence, but they will find another reason to be soon enough.

Please be reminded here that we have a Democratic president -- despite what he himself has said -- who taught constitutional law, and who has violated American citizens' rights to due process (among others) via his kill lists. Update: No less than Joe Scarborough makes the salient point.

Things fortunately get a little messier every day with the drones, though...

On Thursday, John Brennan has his confirmation hearing where the Senate will decide whether or not he's fit to run the Central Intelligence Agency. Since he's more or less the architect of America's drone war, we're sure the Senators will have a question or two about this memo and, we hope, some other documents that we haven't seen yet — such as the full 50-page version of the memo, of which this latest leak merely contains a white-paper sketch. Because at least 11 Senators from both parties are already asking for more.

If you needed additional reminding that even the Democrats in California need competition from their left, then read this. Sure does make all of the pining about turning Texas blue seem quaintly ironic, doesn't it?

-- Okay, that was a bit of a digression. Back on the topic of guns, gun nuts, and gun control...

Wayne LaPierre: They're coming for our guns no matter what they say

LaPierre again: Ban assault weapons and you 'limit the ability to survive' 

Chris Wallace to LaPierre: "That's ridiculous and you know it, sir!"

I agree with Krugman; Wayne's gone bad. Some gun nut really ought to take it upon himself and, for the sake of all reasonable and logical gun owners in the Unites States, put him down. Humanely, of course. But if the NRA membership were to force his resignation from any influence with or on behalf of the organization, that would be fine also.

-- Any suggestions -- short of more guns, please -- about what to do about Texas?

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