Sunday, January 20, 2013

Viva Houston has the SD-6 candidates on this morning, and more Texas news

-- Be sure and tune in immediately after This Weak with George Snufflelufagus -- or Press the Meat or Facepalm the Nation or whichever panel of Talking Heads you have been listening to. Among the few policy questions that get asked, you'll get to hear Susan Delgado say that she is qualified to serve as a Texas Senator because she slept with Mario Gallegos.


-- Jack Christie goes all Todd Akin on influenza.

An attack on flu vaccinations by a Houston City Council member has drawn fire from medical officials, as patients with influenza symptoms continue to fill emergency rooms across the country.

As the council considered a proposal Wednesday to accept $3.1 million in federal funding for childhood immunizations, Councilman Jack Christie voiced his opposition to the measure, apparently conflating it with flu vaccinations.

"I'm going to vote against this," Christie said before the 15-1 vote. "You don't die from the flu." 

Naturally, the Republican chiropractor made things worse when he tried to explain.

Christie backed down somewhat from his comment on Friday. What he meant to say, he said, was that "People should not die from the flu."

"First of all, that's $3 million that the federal government doesn't really have," Christie said of the funding proposal. "It's borrowed money we eventually have to pay back. But more important is the media's embellishment of the extreme fear of encouraging flu vaccinations.

"Every year there's going to be a flu," he said, "and vaccines create synthetic immunity, which does not trump natural immunity to disease."

People might have forgotten that Christie was once the chair of the Texas State Board of Education not so long ago. Charles breaks it down, but you should be reminded that Christie is the guy that Bill White endorsed over the incumbent progressive Democrat, Jolanda Jones, in 2011 for this at-large council seat. There were quite a few blog posts around town -- and out of town -- regarding that.

The White/Christie alliance is a nearly perfect microcosm of everything that is wrong with Houston municipal politics (and two-party politics generally).

--- John Cornyn and Ted Cruz listen closely as the architect of three Texas counties' initiative in opting out of Social Security explains how he did it. No excerpt; you need to go read (and listen) to it. And then Google the name Rick Gornto. Or read this.

Let's get clear: Republicans are going to take away your Social Security long before Obama takes away anybody's gun. Or bullets. Or clips or magazines.

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