Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Houston progressive activist events ahead of the Dem convention

-- Today at 4 pm: Justice for Janitors continues their civil disobedience for living wages.

Janitors in Houston continue to earn far less than their union counterparts in other cities, and many still have just four hours of work a night, the same as before the union came on the scene. They're hoping to raise their wage and increase their hours in negotiating a new contract to replace the existing one, which expires Thursday.

SEIU spokeswoman Paloma Martinez blames the lack of progress on "anti-worker sentiment" in Houston's business community, especially against low-wage workers.

-- Move to Amend's David Cobb is barnstorming Texas this week, with appearances in Kingwood this evening, in Houston at the AFL-CIO hall Wednesday night, in Corpus on Thursday night, and kicking off the Texas Green Party's state convention near San Antonio on Friday night.

Move to Amend is the movement to nullify Citizens United via constitutional amendment.

-- Conventioneers: Bring your umbrellas.

-- The Democratic convention's best party of the year, the Bloggers Caucus, is set for Friday evening. More details as they are available.

-- But there are some other good parties to go to, beginning Thursday.Two big ones Friday, here and here.

I'll also be compiling a list of restaurants and bars within walking -- or train -- distance of the Hilton Americas and the GRB downtown, along with my personal recommendations, at the TXD2012 Tumblr blog.

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