Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt collapses into revolution

Thousands of inmates have broken out of their prisons (some reports indicate they were let loose by authorities) and have joined the demonstrators in the streets of cities throughout Egypt. 'Looters' and 'criminals' carrying government identification are rioting. Warplanes are repeatedly buzzing the crowds in Cairo. Police and soldiers have demonstrated an unusual amount of sympathy for the protesters, and now even hundreds of judges have joined the outcry. All this according to as-I-type broadcasts from mostly foreign services including al-Jazeera and the BBC.

This follows the resignation two weeks ago of the president of Tunisia and unrest in other Arab nations including Yemen and even Jordan.

We have revolution, and some of it is being televised, and Tweeted and Facebooked, despite the Egyptian Internet switch being turned off.

Update: Follow the al-Jazeera live blog here.

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