Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dear Americans who are not rich:

Can't afford health care? Screw you.

Want the food you eat to be safe? How quaint.

Deficit reduction? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

Want Social Security to be preserved? You're an idiot.

In foreclosure hell? La la la we can't hear you!

Concerned about the environment? Treehugger. Eco-terrorist.

You want stronger unions? You want ANY unions ? Good luck with that, commie.

Unemployment benefits running out? Quit whining and get a job, you lazy bum.

Muslim? Latino? Gay? You nasty un-American, you.

Looking for fresh new government ideas to solve problems? Move to California -- or better yet, Scandinavia. Socialist.

Think you can count on us to stimulate job growth? Hell no you can't!

Reproductive freedom? We own your private parts, little lady.

Don’t want the government to default on its debts? Too bad!

Want the rich to be taxed more? In a pig's eye.

Wish we'd put America's interests above our own? Keep dreaming.

Love and Freedom Fries,

The New Republican House Majority

P.S. Like cake? Eat all you want.

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