Thursday, July 22, 2010

The difference between Andrew Breitbart and Lois the Corpse Flower

I was preparing a lengthy post around the unholy alliances connecting Breitbart, Drudge, FOX (particularly Hannity), the conservative contingent of online steerage passengers who sop up every utterance from the preceding like white bread does greasy gravy, the Coalition of the Snookered -- including the NAACP, Tom Vilsack and several others in the Obama administration -- and the remaining corporate media that allows itself to be led by the nose by the conservative media previously cited ....

... but others have smacked them down enough. KO, taking a work break from his vacation for last night's Special Comment, can suffice.

So there's nothing left here to do but some mocking humor.

Answering the query in the header:

One is five feet tall, purple around the edges, coming out in style and smells like carrion.

And the other is Lois the Corpse Flower.

Update: Breitbart and FOX are BFF, just so you know.

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