Friday, June 06, 2008

Tim Kaine and Chelsea Clinton?

That is some serious third-string disrespect.

You don't suppose that Obama may be, you know, conceding Texas to McCain in the fall, do you? And if he is, it couldn't be because of this, could it?

One of the things about the media room is that you get some of the real scoop. Boyd Richie's entry music apparently is going to be that obnoxious country-western anthem "I'm a Hard-Workin' Man" that is heard on Ford pickup truck commercials of late. Leticia Van de Putte's music might be "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" by Stevie Wonder. Various other intros/intro music are being rehearsed for tonight's session.

Update: Philip and Matt collected power strips to take over to the general session, to some grumbling. So I packed up, drove back to my luxurious Habitat Suite and had a beer and some nachos in order to finish this.

Here's a couple more of those troubling questions ....

-- Why does Paint Texas Blue, the latest PAC set up to win five Texas House seats, only list four on their flyer distributed at the convention? And don't say that's all they had room on the page for. These guys claim to be raising two million bucks; they can't hire a designer for an 8 1/2 x 11 flyer that can communicate their message effectively?

Diana Maldonado, Sherrie Matula, Ginny McDavid, and Joe Moody. Great Democrats and good races to help, every one, but what about Kristi Thibaut? Or Larry Hunter? Or Joel Redmond? Or Donnie Dippel? Or Robert Miklos? Or Carol Kent? Or Sandra VuLe? Hell, there are five Democratic seats we have to defend -- can't some PAC pick Juan Garcia, Valinda Bolton, Allen Vaught, Dan Barrett, or Joe Heflin? How about helping Chris Turner, who's taking on one of the worst Republican idealogues in the House? There's great detail about all those races at the Texas Observer's blog.

And why is it necessary to have another PAC for Texas House races anyway? Can't somebody start a PAC for the three Texas Senate races? Or help Rick Noriega with fundraising, for God's fucking sake?

-- Tim Kaine and Chelsea Clinton?!? Kaine has facial tics and a receding hairline back to his neck, with the remaining strip dyed Kiwi boot black. I know he was Kos' darling a few years back, but that was when winning the lieutenant governorship of Virginia was a big deal.

This is really the best Boyd could do?

I'm going to dinner and then to bed early. Tomorrow: the state chair race, in the afternoon.

Update: Boadicea posted the YouTube. Jihole.

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