Friday, May 30, 2008

Some questions for Boyd Richie

Could someone read these to him and send me his answers?

-- Why is it your only goal to help elect a half-dozen or so Texas House members in 2008, the same as 2006? I think I see you working here: you want a bare majority in the House by 2010 in order to control redistricting in January of 2011, but what makes you think -- even if we get there -- the fifteen Craddickrats will flip on Speaker Tom? Loyalty?

(Have you not been paying attention to Aaron Pena?)

More importantly, why is this your only goal? It's a laudable goal, but since we haven't elected a statewide Democrat in over a dozen years, couldn't you try a little harder this year for Rick Noriega than you did for Chris Bell and all the others in 2006?

-- When the Obama campaign offered to fly you (and other undeclared state party chairs) to Chicago a couple of weeks ago to discuss allocating financial resources for the fall campaign, why did you blow them off? You not only didn't go but refused to send anyone in your place. Don't you realize you sent the message that Texas is not in play this November?

Why did you do that?

Don't you think Noriega, and the Democrats we're trying to get elected in Harris County and all across the rest of the state, could have used that help?

-- Why did someone named Rudy Shank, representing himself as being with the Obama campaign in Chicago but acting on behalf of Texans for Obama head Ron Kirk, call one of your rivals for state party chair and tell her to withdraw her candidacy, or else she would lose her superdelegate status to the Denver convention?

Isn't the Obama campaign telling Texans that the campaign is neutral in the state party chair contest?

And why is the guy you picked to be the convention chair, Senator Kirk Watson, endorsing you for state party chair? Really, isn't that just a little bit sleazy?

Isn't this the sort of low-grade corruption we criticize the Republicans about?

-- When are you going to declare your presidential preference? Will it be on June 3rd, when the last primary voting has completed and the fate of the nomination lies solely with you and the other undeclared superdelegates? Or will you keep straddling the fence until after you have safely been re-elected chairman of the party?

Or will you declare moments after the matter has been settled by others?

Are you telling the Obama people you're with them? or the Clinton folks that you're with her?

Come now: who do you choose, Clinton or Obama? How hard can it be at this point to pick one?

Ah, thanks for clearing this one up.

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