Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have previously come clean on my distaste for Madam Clinton as the Democratic nominee, but that's almost purely pragmatic. She's too conservative for my taste, and she's far too beholden to the corporate POV, and yes, she is going to be toxic to every other Democrat on the ballot with her, particularly throughout the South.

I thought The Laugh was fake and forced when I heard it several times last week, as Hillary made the rounds of the Sunday Morning Talking Heads. If it makes other people feel like I do -- a little uncomfortable with the phoniness -- then she may have a real problem.

Emphasis on May.

I think it walks right up to the edge of misogyny, though, to call her laugh a cackle. See, witches cackle. As we move toward Halloween, it's inevitable now that we're going to see some little kids (and some not-so-little ones) dressed up as Hillary the Witch, pointy hat and broom, cackling. That's fine; jocularity and biting humor and all.

But I really don't want to see the Beltway pundits start to pull out words like 'cackle', because words like 'bitch' will shortly follow. And worse. That's not even safe ground for the Faux News pimps.

I'm calling bullshit now on our media trying to make that her meme.

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