Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Arkansas Traveling

As previously referenced, I'll be driving through beautiful East Texas on Thursday with an overnight in Little Rock, spending Friday morning touring the Clinton Library and Friday evening watching the University of Arkansas Razorbacks (or Ladybacks) take on the Georgia Bulldogs (or Lady Bulldogs) in a SEC women's volleyball matchup. #4 is the oldest child of my youngest brother and the team's MVP.

On the weekend our options include attending the Arkansas -- Tennessee-Chattanooga football tilt or the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ rally on Saturday, then watching the Ladybacks on Sunday afternoon versus the Auburn Tigers (or Tigerettes) and returning to Texas Monday.

Once again please don't let any hurricanes come through Houston while we're away. (Y'all didn't do a very good job last month when we learned Humberto was coming while we were at the airport.)

I won't be taking any coats and ties to wear. I will be test-driving the Laptop Connect card I recently acquired for on-the-go-surfing in places that time forgot. So expect to see sporadic but not spasmodic blogging.

(I hate that word "spasmodic". It always makes me envision someone having an epileptic seizure. Or some poor woman who can't stop menstruating.)

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