Friday, September 21, 2007

Cornyn betrays us

Senator Box Turtle has had an exceptionally poor week representing Texas.

First, he voted no on habeas corpus. Then he voted no on the Webb dwell-time amendment (requiring active-duty troops to have as much down time as the length of their service time overseas).

Then he introduced a resolution condemning the "General Betray Us" advertisement by Which his fellow turtles helped him pass, 72-25. Pat Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Jon Tester, Jim Webb, and every Blue Dog in the Senate joined the warmongering Republicans in supporting it. Joe Biden and Barack Obama courageously ducked the vote. (More on the impotence of Senate Democrats here.)

And to cap his week, he voted no -- with 69 others, including former Army Ranger Jack Reed and former Vietnam veteran Chuck Hagel, both outspoken critics of the Iraq war -- on Reid-Feingold (designed to cut off war funding) .

John Cornyn has now officially assumed ownership of the war in Iraq. He also owns the war on the 70% of Americans who support our troops by calling for the end to the war in Iraq.

John Cornyn owns the war on the Constitution by opposing one of the "most efficient safeguards on liberty". John Cornyn owns the war on Americans by supporting the wiretapping of Americans.

John Cornyn is no longer a disgrace just to Texas. He's now a national disgrace.

Please help us end this national disgrace by helping us elect a senator from Texas who will respond to our e-mail and phone calls, who believes in the Bill of Rights, and who will support the soldiers and not their endless deaths and maiming.

Thank you.

Update (9/22): Let's be sure to thank Junior Senator for the half-million bucks he helped MoveOn raise in the 24-hour period following his betrayal of U.S.

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