Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still can't believe they killed 'Deadwood' for it

The wave has crashed for "John From Cincinnati." A day after its first-season finale, HBO on Monday canceled the dark surfing drama.

Labeled by critics as "strange," "weird" and "unlikable," "John" never clicked with viewers despite a strong marketing campaign and such well-known leads as Rebecca De Mornay and Bruce Greenwood.

You can say that again. I found it completely unwatchable. Coming on the heels of the Sopranos finale, in the wake of Entourage and, with bonafides like the creator of Deadwood, I never expected that something from HBO could be so bad.

But it was.

I'm not a big fan of Big Love or Flight of the Conchords either so what used to be a pretty enjoyable Sunday evening in front of the TV has turned into a wasteland (yes, I hear you saying it's all a wasteland). I don't watch much beyond the sport of the season and the Daily/Colbert anyway, so it's disappointing when something good goes away.

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