Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Primary Endorsements

Vince Leibowitz and Charles Kuffner and Greg Wythe and Eddie Rodriguez have posted theirs; mine follow (in the contested races) :

US Senate -- Barbara Ann Radnofsky

Governor -- Chris Bell

Lt. Governor -- Ben Z Grant

Agriculture Commissioner -- Hank Gilbert

US Congress, 1st -- no preference

US Congress, 7th -- Jim Henley and David Murff both earn my endorsement. The constituents of the Seventh Congressional District would be well served by either man.

US Congress, 10th -- Ted Ankrum

US Congress, 28th -- Ciro Rodriguez

Texas House, District 140 -- no preference

Texas House, District 146: Borris Miles

Texas House, District 147 -- Garnet Coleman

And it's not a contested primary, but you all ought to know who I support for Texas Attorney General by now. I'll add links to other blogland endorsements as I find them, and if anyone wants me to explain my picks, ask me in the comments.

Update: Stace Medellin adds his dos centavos. Nate chimes in. LFT and Cincinnatus have some pointed remarks on the governor's race, from opposite perspectives.

Update: I really should revise my "no preference' in CD-01 to recommend whom you should not vote for, and that is Roger Owen. He is apparently an unmitigated homophobe and more than a little flaky, and isn't worthy of support.

Update (2/22): Abram gets up on his soapbox. Fred injects the truth serum. Just Another Matt gives us his.

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