Monday, February 06, 2006

Grilling some Attorney General, with a side of Lay and Skilling

I've got a good bit of campaign documentation and fundraising calls to make today so I'll have some of the 'Berto Gonzales stir-fry going on in the background, though I wish CourtTV were showing the crucifiction of Kenny-Boy and Jittery Jeffrey. Does anyone else think Judge Sim Lake was a fan of Greezed Lightnin' at Astroworld, the way he likes speedy thrillrides?

The Tejano Democrats meet this weekend in Houston to screen and endorse candidates; Chris Bell will emcee the banquet Friday evening. There's also an excellent college baseball tournament going on.

Update (today): A commenter points out that I have cited the September 2005 event as this Friday. I've contacted the TDs for an agenda for the weekend and will post that when I get it.

Update #2 (today): Ali G's testimony has been a monumental embarrassment. He appears mostly ignorant of the law, oblivious to what's going on at other agencies, and blindingly incompetent to the duties of the nation's top law enforcement officer.

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