Friday, January 20, 2006

Democratic Candidate Events: Murff, Henley, Radnofsky, Van Os, Bell

Tomorrow at the meeting of the West Houston Democratic Club you can see a debate between CD-07 candidates David Murff and Jim Henley. Charles Kuffner prepared questions for both and their answers can be found at Texas Tuesdays, which is your bookmark for all things candidate-related between now and November. Many of the Texas lefty bloggers you read regularly will be posting and cross-posting there.

US Senate challenger Barbara Radnofsky will hold two press conferences next week to announce her anti-corruption initiatives. She will be in Houston on Wednesday, January 25 and in Austin on Thursday, January 26. CD-31 candidate Mary Beth Harrell will attend the Austin press conference.

“A major moral cost of corruption is our children growing up in a world where lying, cheating, and stealing appear to be acceptable. It’s a world where leaders embrace perjury, take money under false pretenses, and lack any code of honor so they refuse to try to correct the wrongs in which they’re involved,” says Radnofsky. Her initiative will include the following “to do” items for Sen. Hutchison:
  1. Renounce perjury
  2. Return the money she accepted from El Paso's Tigua Indian tribe, who were defrauded by indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff
  3. Make good on the promise she made to the people of South Texas recently when she echoed Radnofsky’s call for a VA hospital south of San Antonio.

The steering committee of the David Van Os for Texas Attorney General campaign will be held in Austin tomorrow (yours truly will be moderating this event), and that coincides with the platform meeting of the Texas Progressive Populist Caucus (at a different location also in Austin).

Chris Bell was at the Alamo today, will be in speaking in San Antonio at noon tomorrow, and will address the state convention of Texas Machinists in Austin also tomorrow afternoon.

If I left someone out, give us an update on your candidate's events with a comment.

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