Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Spies like us

This latest police-state action by BushCo just almost leaves me speechless.

The president summoned the publisher and the editor of The New York Times to the White House two weeks ago in order to talk them out of printing the story they held back for over a year. (Let's see, what we doing about fourteen months ago?)

thirdparty at Kos asks some questions of the Times. Kuff posits the future scenario for supporters of domestic spying without FISA court approval.

The corpulent corporate media obediently reports that Bush has been "fiery" in "vigorously defending" his right to violate the Constitution.

Speaking of the Constitution, there will very likely be a crisis associated with these events, but that's provided our nation's leadership responds to it. Don't count on any Republicans doing so, and if the Democrats are able to have hearings, you'll never know about them if you only watch the teevee.

I remember one summer in the mid-'70s when we watched Congressional hearings gradually reveal the crimes of a President and his minions; they were conducted in bipartisan fashion and without as much rancor as would be seen today on FOX News.

No chance of that happening again.

So it's a good thing there are people blogging about it.

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