Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Damned liberal media again

From the transcript (you'll find this almost halfway down):

FITZGERALD: I would have wished nothing better that, when the subpoenas were issued in August 2004, witnesses testified then, and we would have been here in October 2004 instead of October 2005. No one would have went to jail.

Had Judith Miller, Matt Cooper, and the other members of the media who were manipulated by the assistants to the President and Vice President testified when they were issued the subpoenas, then Scooter Libby would have been indicted in October 2004.

That would have made Bush's re-election more than a little unlikely.

John Kerry would be President, the Senate and/or the House would likely be under Democratic control, and the current Supreme Court nominee most certainly would not be a Fascist.

Not to mention Stephen Breyer as Chief Justice.

Just sayin'...

Update (11/2): Susan has much more.

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