Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A lot for me to catch up on

I'm going to be keeping my P, for starters.

Some goon ran over the wooden crosses alongside the road in Crawford. He was arrested when they found one of them stuck in his truck tire.

A cousin of the Keystone beer fan who was "getting ready for dove season" earlier in the week offered an acre of his ranch to relocate Camp Casey. So it will be moved out of the ditches beside the road to a spot closer to Bush's dirt farm. Now that's poetic justice.

Chris Bell's launch was widely covered by various blogging compadres while I was gone.

When I was in Austin last week about this time, I asked someone who would know about Walter Umphrey's contribution to Carole Keeton StrayWhore'n, and he said that it was payback to Rick Perry for the legislation limiting lawyer's fees in tort litigation (presumably tobacco and asbestos and implant surgery, since that's where Walt made his millions) .

I think that's pretty funny.

I'm really the last to know: the Democrats now have two candidates for Lieutenant Governor.

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