Saturday, January 19, 2013

The East End Leaders sign their letter

So I asked a few questions and, yesterday evening in my inbox, received a response.

The following are East End Civic/Community Leaders responded to Council Member James Rodriguez's January 8, 2013 statement:
Robert Gallegos
Elisa Gonzales
Angie Martinez
Steve Parker
Gloria Moreno
Victor Villarreal
Sylvia Medina
Julio Del Carpio
James Dinkins

We stand on our response. This is a big deal to us because there is a bigger issue here. Thanks again to Mayor Parker’s leadership for approving the underpass and the new Metro, and numerous Council Members who were also instrumental in securing the required funding for the underpass in 2011.   

As active East End Civic/Community Leaders, we are continuously seeking transparency, honesty, and integrity from our elected officials.

Thank you for that, folks. I have, however, some more questions.

-- What is the bigger issue to which you refer?

-- Why is the underpass still a big issue in 2013?

-- Why are you picking old battles to re-fight? You have a transcontinental oil pipeline about to deliver the world's dirtiest oil right to your doorstep, which will poison your children even worse than they are already being poisoned, and you choose instead to quarrel about a highway underpass... that was resolved in 2011?

If the bigger issue is "transparency, honesty, and integrity", then I don't see why that very valid concern isn't being applied to the current challenges facing SD-6, like funding public schools or increasing voter turnout from last in the state among Senate districts. Or perhaps even the vast sums of money being raised and spent by the two front-runners in the open primary -- since that's pretty much the only thing the rest of the media writing about this race seem interested in reporting.

(Since you didn't mention 'jobs' -- as someone barked out at a recent forum when the pipeline topic came up -- I will assume that's not a top concern of yours.)

I must be missing something here. Sorry; still don't get it. Help me out.

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