Sunday, January 13, 2013

Garcia hits Alvarado again and more SD-6

From the Sylvia Garcia campaign, and in my e-mail inbox yesterday morning, with much of the campaign promotion verbiage edited...

One of our opponents in this race, Carol Alvarado, is proudly touting the endorsement and support of Stand for Children, an education advocacy group that supports school voucher programs. This group has earned a reputation for working against the interests of public school teachers across the nation.

Republicans like Sen. Dan Patrick and Gov. Rick Perry have made it clear that they will work to push through school voucher legislation during Session. Sylvia Garcia strongly believes in fully funding our public schools, not using those dollars to help wealthy private schools take money away from our children. 

I should think this charge would be a legitimate concern for SD-6 voters, especially those who are teachers and parents of public school students. Follow the links in the above and you will see why.  I have to say I am surprised that Alvarado -- or any Democrat, for that matter -- would align herself with the allies of Dan Patrick and vouchers.

(And I can't help but think about how nasty a possible runoff between Garcia and Alvarado is going to get.)

I waited until now to post this, thinking the Alvarado campaign would have a reaction. So far, nothing I can find. Marc Campos -- no update since Friday morning -- is exercising a significant amount of caution, limiting much of his babble to the Baseball Hall of Fame developments at the end of the business week. Campaigns obviously don't go dark on the weekends in the middle of early voting, so perhaps they're formulating a response.

If one shows up, I'll amend this post with it. Update (1/14): This morning's post has this...

Carol Alvarado’s opponent sent out another negative mailer Saturday.  That’s three negative mailers in six days.  We expect more.

And that's it.

Elsewhere, Stace's Dos Centavos has a good report on the NHPO candidate forum, also yesterday morning. No mention of the issue by any of the candidates, though. I received the p.r. referenced above about 10 a.m., so the absence of topic discussion may have more to do with that timing than anything else.

And Charles Kuffner has a few very good questions for Maria Selva.

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