Saturday, September 15, 2007

A few images of Nevada's history (as blogged here)

Thunderbird Lodge (from the front)

The gazebo (where we had lunch yesterday).

The Card House.

Thunderbird Lodge, as portrayed by William Phillips' painting 'An Evening to Remember' (POV the Card House front door)

The Cal-Neva.

Marilyn Monroe talks to Frank Sinatra as an unidentified man stands between them during a party on the set of the musical "Can-Can" in this 1960 photo. Just weeks before her death in 1962, Sinatra planned to marry Monroe "in an effort to save her from herself," according to a biography serialized in London's Daily Mail.

1976 - Left to right: Paul Castellano, Gregory DePalma, Sinatra, Tommy Marson, Carlo Gambino, Aladena Fratianno, Salvatore Spatola, Seated: Joseph Gambino, Richard Fusco

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