Tuesday, September 18, 2007

800 and $72,000

Suffering the post-vacation, back-to-the-salt-mines, 1,000-new-messages-in-your-inbox blues.

But I need to acknowledge that we've busted our goal for the Rick Noriega campaign with two weeks still to go (and in the spirit of "coordination" are considering going for a thousand, just to quell the Doubting Thomases, Gregs, and Matts). As Bo notes, we'll add another boxcar to the train to make room for you, if you're not already on board.

Mikal Watt$ still has millions of dollars to give himself in his quest for elective office, still says (and writes) all the wrong things, still has a few minions to do his dirty work for him, and is still going to lose this primary.

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