Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Governor COVID

Since I'm an atheist, I'm not supposed to believe in karma.

I do wonder who among this enthusiastic crowd might contract the virus, be hospitalized, but not be able to buy access to Regeneron or monoclonal antibodies.  Or a third shot.

Greg Abbott's selfishness, greed, and dark, hard heart is eclipsed only by his rank hypocrisy and his malignant sociopathy.  If, as so many devout Christians believe, their fate vis-à-vis not protecting themselves medically and scientifically is demonstrative of their powerful faith; that they are placing their lives and well-being in the "hands of God" ... then God just clapped his hands together and crushed a mosquito.

Not that our governor is a bloodsucker or something ...

Seriously, he's going to continue to be a lot better than okay.  The rest of us?  Well, we have to take our chances on dying for freedom.

Abbott likes to say, in another context, “the most precious freedom is life itself.” We agree. More than 54,000 Texans have lost theirs now -- some because they believed vaccine conspiracies and some because they believed political leaders who claim a face mask is more tyrannical than a deadly infectious disease.

The governor is reportedly feeling fine ... He seems to be in good hands. If only we could say the same for Texas.

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PamieC said...

Abbott's actions- the 3rd vaccine shot and anti-body therapy even though he was asymptomatic - show he is terrified of the virus. I guess he figures he is the only Texan worth saving.