Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Texas grid fried; Abbott roasted

The trouble began Monday afternoon.

As with the gun carnage on Austin's Sixth Street, reaction was quick ... and relentless.

Indeed it was.

“Dang those frozen wind turbines ...” tweeted Laura Beil.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Hiller is “Just over here shouting at my kids to close the door already so we don’t cause the Texas grid to collapse.”  “Republican leadership in Texas is doing well, unless you like electricity,” posted Mark Jacob.

Some were nicer -- and more policy-oriented -- about it.

Some elevated their snark.

Some were just blunt.

Some spread the recriminations to Ted Cruz and Ken Paxton.

So what was Greg Abbott's response to this epic failure?  Why, he signed the critical race theory outlaw bill into law, invited Trump to join him at the southern border at the end of June to demagogue the border wall, and followed Steve Bannon's -- and several other scam artists' -- lead in soliciting public donations to fund its construction.

It was just Sunday night when John Oliver pointed out that Texas inmates were cooking in the state's prisons because the TDCJ won't provide air-conditioning.

Now we are all going to do so (unless you can afford your own generator), especially those who couldn't pay their electric bill previously.

I have to believe that at some point all of the corporations and all of the conservatives moving to Texas from elsewhere are going to start reconsidering the wisdom of that, as Mayor Adler observed above.  Low taxes aren't all there is to living.

Before this post runs too long, I'll hold the other Lege business -- Texas Dems in Washington meeting with Pelosi and the Lone Star delegation to receive their heroes' welcome for stopping SB7, and entreating their DC counterparts to stop the steal, to appropriate a phrase, by passing legislation that will block suppression efforts better than another walkout.  And also Texas Monthly's "Best" and "Worst", Mark Jones' ideological ranking, and a few more things having to do with Juneteenth, and environmental, and whatever fresh hell may pop between now and tomorrow and Friday.

Here are a few calm-me-downs.

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Charles Turner said...

Still, they must reelect Abbott to own the libs.