Tuesday, November 03, 2020

My Ballot 2, Hotze et.al. 0

Actually ...

But as you can see (or perhaps already know), that was early in the afternoon.  It was to be a long evening for the lawyers, reporters, and interested bystanders (such as me).

I felt relieved when Judge Hanen quickly ruled against Dr. Steven Hotze, his attorney Jared Woodfill, and the other plaintiffs: state Rep. Steve Toth, TX-18 challenger Wendell Champion, and Harris County judicial candidate Sharon Hemphill.  But it wasn't over.  They rapidly appealed to the Fifth Circuit, and the case was just as quickly scheduled for a three-judge panel hearing last night.

The actual good news for my vote came prior to the final ruling.

Defendant Chris Hollins then changed his mind about having ten drive-through polls open today, shutting all but one given the circumstances.

And then ... it was finished.

Scores of moderate (sic) Republicans Tweeted out against Hotze's Gambit: Joe Straus, Pierce Bush, Sarah Davis, and many others.  The effort to nullify 127,000 cast ballots on a picayune technicality ("structure", "roof", "walls", etc.) is what lawyers live for, of course.  But the idea of my having to vote again today was more than a little upsetting, shall we say.

And voting for Joe Biden is not going to fix this.  In fact it will probably worsen.

There's no going back to normal.  No brunching as usual.  Nothing will fundamentally change, and that includes Republicans in Congress working with a Democrat president.

Oh, and best of luck to those who plan on pushing Biden to the left.

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Charles Turner said...

The only left Biden even acknowledges is his own left foot when he walks.