Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tommy Lee Jones, the Senator from the Great State of Texas *update*

Happy Fourth weekend. You are aware that you're outlawed from blowing off your fingers and ruining your hearing? There's a wildfire hazard, you know.

Public Policy Polling reveals that Woodrow F. Call remains the Texas Democrats' only real shot at a statewide office in the 2012 cycle:

Tommy Lee Jones for Senate? We included him in the poll because there is a movement drafting him to run. He actually has a better favorability rating, at 28/14, than any of the candidates more likely to make the race. He has the sort of bipartisan appeal a Democrat would need to win statewide in Texas, with Republicans giving him a 25/12 favorability spread and independents a particularly good 35/12 one. He polls the best of any Democrat not just against Dewhurst but also against GOP hopefuls Ted Cruz and Tom Leppert. A Jones candidacy is probably a pipe dream for Democrats but the numbers do suggest he would have the potential to be a strong nominee.

Geoff Berg has been at the head of the movement, and he notes that US Marshal Sam Gerard Jones hasn't responded so far to any of the previous public entreaties. TLJ appears to be consumed at the moment with Men in Black 3, currently filming in New York but experiencing severe production delays and associated cost overruns. That movie, if it is on time, will reach theaters on Memorial Day weekend 2012. Which is just about perfect timing for a big movie star running for the United States Senate.

Help us, Agent K. You're our only hope.


Greg said...

A movie star who has shown no interest in running for office is the only hope of Texas Democrats in 2012? I think that speaks volumes about the pathetic state of your party, Perry.

PDiddie said...

Yep. It reminds me of that Saturday Night Live vignette where Dana Carvey played Herbert Walker and Jon Lovitz was Dukakis at the debate: "How can I be losing to this guy?"

How in the name of the United States of America can the Democratic Party be so weak that it loses to the assholes that are your party, Greg?