Sunday, March 13, 2011

Austin's "Save Our Schools" rally draws thousands

That's correct, Big Jolly; thousands. And thousands.

Thousands of teachers, parents and students swarmed the state Capitol grounds Saturday to protest the sharp education cuts that Gov. Rick Perry and many Texas lawmakers are pushing to close a budget shortfall.

The rowdy but peaceful gathering, which organizers said numbered at least 11,000, focused on some simple messages: Don't abandon children. Don't lay off teachers. Don't increase class sizes. Don't cut music, theater and art classes.

Chau Tran, selected as Teacher of the Year in 2010 at her elementary school in Austin, told the crowd she learned recently that she might get laid off next year.
"I was stunned and devastated," she told the crowd. "I love teaching. It's my passion. We are not numbers, we are not positions. We are people."
Increasing class sizes, cutting programs and firings educators could be toxic to the state's future, Tran said.

Dalton Sherman, 12, a Dallas student whose talks about hope and opportunity have earned him a television spot on Oprah, drew frenzied applause.

"We need our teachers. We need books. We need classrooms. We also need music, art and culture. We need these things to feed our minds," Sherman told the crowd. "We are scared about our teachers and schools and our dreams."

Courtesy to Martha Griffin and Susan Bankston, from their Facebook profiles, for some of the above photos. See more pictures at The World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, and at the Statesman.

I reallly like it that BJ has only the weakest amount of snark available as a response. This indicates that conservatives are failing to recognize the strength of this progressive populist uprising ... just as we underestimated the wrath of the TeaBaggers.

Update: Eye on Williamson has another pic and some video.


1000myths said...

I applaud and honor my fellow Austinites who protested at the capitol yesterday. Perry has been in the pocket of the fat cats ever since he took over from George W. Bush. It was hardly a changing of the guards, simply a replacement of "Tweedledumb" with "Tweedledumber"
Now "the chickens are coming to roost" and the graft, corruption and blatant dishonesty of the Texas government is starting to be exposed.

We can't allow Perry to get away with this and hopefully, the citizens of Austin will make it happen

Bay Area Houston said...

The big difference between our movement and the tea baggers is that we have intelligence on our side not ignorance.

Libby's Blog said...

I honor and applaud Houston area teachers, parents and their children for their tireless efforts in saving our state's public schools from short sighted and self serving politicians that apparently serve other masters.