Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stay Bailey Hutchison

Who does this surprise? Well, me. But then I've never been much of an insider, either.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said this morning that she will stay in the Senate until her term ends in early 2013, reversing repeated pledges made during her failed campaign for governor that she would resign early.

Hutchison said she had changed her mind and decided not to leave Washington because the country needs her to stand against the liberal agenda of President Barack Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress.

Speaking for the country, we would prefer it if you dried up and blew away, Kay.

"My experience will be better used fighting this effort by the president and the Congress to do so much to take away the essence of America," she said in an appearance with her Texas Republican colleague, Sen. John Cornyn, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Hutchison, McConnell and Cornyn took no questions. Aides said they had pressing obligations elsewhere. Congress is not in session this week.

She appeared between two burly henchmen bodyguards named Cornyn and McConnell, who made sure she said what they wanted her to say, and then she and Mitch piled back on the plane after her 90-second announcement. Corndog stayed behind to spin.

Reaction to this latest flip-flop was typical.

"This is a selfish decision but not a surprising one,” said one Republican who was eager for Hutchison to retire. “The wind is at our backs this year, and it was the best chance we had of getting a solid Republican in this seat. Sen. Hutchison has put the seat at greater risk by pushing the vacancy off until 2012. We have no idea what the political landscape will look like two years from now."

Florence Shapiro withdrew, Michael Williams collapsed in a heap of hysterical crying, Roger Williams sighed heavily and went back to selling cars.

Rodney Ellis told a funny, though.

Even conservative freak blogger Douchebag Robbie -- continuing his contempt for everyone and everything that doesn't shoot bullets -- let fly some invective:

2010: The year that Mark McGwyer announced he used steroids. Ricky Martin announced he's gay. Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison (RINO-TX) announces she lied about resigning from the Senate. Let's just call 2010 "The year stuff that everybody already knew is considered news."

The lamest duck in the United States Senate -- formerly the 'most popular elected official in Texas' -- gets to sit in Washington a couple more years, draw a paycheck, and keep doing what she has done since 1993: tell her purse boys to make certain her nail polish and makeup are refrigerated.

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