Sunday, December 13, 2009

TeaBaggers are to "moderate" Republicans as the scorpion is to the frog

You know the story, right? Here's this week's round-up of backbiting schadenfreude.

-- South Carolina Teabaggin' Sen. Jim DeMint has endorsed Michael Williams for Texas' vacancy (?) in the US Senate. Wait, it gets weirder: DeMint is lining up his own 2012 White House bid. Does he really think he can out-crazy Sarah Palin? Why yes. Yes he does ...

DeMint, who is positioning himself for a presidential run, has a PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund, which will give Williams the maximum $10,000 and bundle more money for his race. "Michael Williams is the Democrat Party's worst nightmare," said DeMint.

Note: I'll stop calling these lunatics TeaBaggers when they stop saying "Democrat Party".

-- Comptroller Susan Combs was accused last month of giving state grant money to "radical left-leaning groups" by 'conservative crusader' Peter Morrison, and the cudgel has been picked up by Tom Pauken, current chair of the Texas Workforce Commission and former Texas Republican Party chair. This donnybrook works in the code words "community organizers", ACORN, and Saul Alinsky in a creative-yet-typical swirl of a smear. More from the Lone Star (Right Wing) Report.

-- Can't leave out the latest Kay v. Rick dustup, this one involving a video of his goon blocking a KBH videocam operator as the governor was entering a fundraiser hosted by Jose Cuevas, the Perry-appointed head of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and attended by Texas bar owners and restauranteurs (the people whose businesses Cuevas oversees in his post). More from the anonymous Republican consultant blogger:

This is a good example of how sometimes in campaigns you can try to fix a bad situation, and instead end up making it worse. Rick – for obvious reasons – didn’t want the Hutchison campaign to get video of him walking into a controversial fundraiser. But by blocking the Kay videographer’s camera, the Perry campaign provided Hutchison’s people with an even more interesting video of Rick entering the event. That, in turn, led to posts about the fundraiser in the Austin American-Statesman, The Dallas Morning News and The Texas Tribune, who probably wouldn’t have picked up the story otherwise.

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