Friday, April 10, 2009

Betty Brown converts entire wardrobe to wash-and-wear over lack of "American" dry cleaners

No one could have predicted that she would be able to find enough stretch polyester in Terrell and Athens and even the vintage clothing stores in Austin to have five different outfits to wear each week for the rest of the legislative session. But she did. Former representative Ron Wilson has graciously donated a couple of his old jogging suits for her to wear around the house -- not the House, of course.

I understand some of her frustration; I have a stain on one of my nice white shirts that nobody can seem to get out.

-- Which begs the question: what's Betty going to wear to her Teabaggin' Party next week? Thank you, MOMocrats, for writing the post (and linking to the Urban Dic), including the video from Rachel Maddow last night. This is truly going to be a national movement, all right. Hilarity factor already red-lining.

Does it occur to anyone else that Sen. Larry Craig could have explained it to all of them -- if they had not sent him back into exile in Idaho, that is?

A few other archive-clearing items to revisit ...

-- Andrew Sullivan brought us the sad story of another dead stoner.

-- My sister Sharon made the MSM.

-- This says that the economy, using corporate bond markets as the indicator, has almost 8 million additional jobs to shed (on top of the 5 million already lost). You just have to hope that's not accurate. On top of the news that the Fed pumped over a trillion dollars into the monetary system because of deflation paranoia, and the stress-test for banks that nobody is talking about publicly, there appears to be great fear behind the curtains about where we are going to bottom out.

-- Old dogs are the best dogs? I don't know about that yet, but my two three-year-olds are pretty much the shiznet.

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