Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Conservative martyrs/thug border agents spared

Thank goodness the right-wing freaks can stop their wailing and gnashing of teeth for a few minutes.

The not-so-curious case of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean has been a Republican scratching post for years now. The Goons of Hate Radio kept the frenzy whipped up, their acolytes in Congress bowed low before their masters, and the Pretzledent, taking a break from riding his bike and playing online Solitaire in his last full day in the Oval, finally relented (though like Scooter Libby before them, the two thugs didn't get granted a full pardon).

There's a cornucopia of irony and hypocrisy involved, as there always is when the GOP caterwauling reaches eardrum-shattering levels. Federal agents run amuck is a thing to be praised if they are shooting Mexicans in the back (no cries of "Remember Ruby Ridge!" and "Avenge Waco!" heard among the gun-nut set this time). Law-and-order conservatives remove their hats and place them over their eyes as the same rogues fail at concealing their crime. And then those damned liberal activist prosecutors, judges, and juries that convict (and uphold on appeal) the prison sentences are, ah, "overturned".

Suck slowly on that little mint, Republicans. Its sweetness is going to have to last you for a good long while. I'm predicting that the rest of the planet is still going to be forced to endure your halitosis for much of the next eight years.

jobsanger has the more rational viewpoint.

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