Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Asian stocks fall as confidence in U.S. financial system erodes"

That's a great headline to wake up to, now isn't it?

I suppose if I owned any Asian stocks I might be concerned, but I'm not even all that worried about my bank's 35% drop in stock price yesterday, as it prepared to report a second-quarter loss, laid off workers, and "moved to reassure investors that it was sufficiently capitalized".

I mean, whaddya gonna do? Make a run on the bank? Pull out all your money and hide it in the mattress, or bury it in the back yard?

It's all just a mental recession anyway, right? Why should I -- or anyone else -- whine about it?

Really now: don't the Republicans deserve continued stewardship of the nation's economy? They got us in this ditch, they can get us out (that's something I heard about four years ago, I believe).

Oh well, maybe we can drill ourselves out of it.

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