Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Chaos theory in evidence on the starboard side:

Huckabee beat rivals John McCain and Mitt Romney in West Virginia, Alabama and his home state, and early returns showed him leading in a few more Super Tuesday states. He said he would emerge from the virtual national primary contests as the alternative to McCain, the Arizona senator and Republican front-runner.

"I've got to say that Mitt Romney was right about one thing — this is a two-man race. He was just wrong about who the other man in the race was. It's me, not him," Huckabee said.

Mittens was the winner in Utah amd Massachusetts -- huge upsets for him. But the story of the night has to be the surging candidacy of Gomer Pyle, who has swept through the South and upset the applecart for the GOP. The chattering class seems to think he's won his way into the vice-presidential slot.

McCain-Huckabee. That is really, really funny.

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