Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steve Ogden joins a lengthy line headed for the exit

Retiring from politics.

State Senator Steve Ogden (R-Bryan) announced Tuesday he would not seek reelection to the Texas Senate, nor does he plan to run for lieutenant governor.

Ogden, who will serve out his term, told WTAW he did not feel it was right to ask voters to reelect him to the Senate to improve his chances of running for lieutenant governor.

He says his primary reasons for not running again are to finish raising his family and concentrate on his business.

Williamson County state representative Charles Schwertner wasted no time throwing his hat into the ring for Ogden's seat.

Ogden joins FloShap and Inaction Jackson and 26 other statehouse members who voluntarily won't run for return to their currently-assigned seats in the Texas Legislature when it next reconvenes in January, 2013 (barring special session between now and then) according to Harvey Kronberg, who considers that normal turnover for a redistricting year. Update: As Robert Miller specifies, many are running for other positions in the Lege or for statewide promotions, some are running for Congress, the number of those actually quitting is now up to nine.

I have written quite a forceful bit about Ogden so this news comes with a sign of relief ... mixed with the usual trepidation about what TeaBagging asshole might replace him.

One of the biggest rats on the ship of state just leaped into the water, swam over to a yacht, climbed onboard and is eating caviar and truffles. Not much cause for celebration by anybody but the rat.

Update: Eye on Williamson with more.

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