Thursday, April 17, 2008

Four MoFo Years (from 2010)

No MoFo way:

When asked whether the gubernatorial field would include Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and himself, Mr. Perry responded , "I don't know about them, but it will be Perry in 2010."

"I don't know about the other two. You need to ask them."

Oh they're gunning for ya, Govnah.

Sixty-one percent of Texans sent you a message in 2006. It's not surprising that you don't get it even today.

Kay Bailey says publicly:

"I am encouraged by the growing number of Texans asking me to return home to run for Governor to provide leadership for our state. It is too early to make an announcement about the 2010 race. Right now I remain committed to serving the people of Texas in the United States Senate and helping our Republican candidates win crucial elections this fall."

Kay Bailey un-publicly:

Hutchison has spent the last several months privately assuring supporters that she will run for Governor in 2010.

Bring it on, MoFos. And pack plenty of Aqua-Net.

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