Monday, September 24, 2007

875 and $87,000+

In just the past week Rick Noriega's campaign has added 75 more donors and fifteen grand to the party.

And we haven't even flogged it much.

Noriega will probably be named later today the winner of Democracy for Texas' online polling, as he has carried a substantial lead throughout. And this is the final week before the end of the fundraising quarter and the results for the exploratory campaign will be made public.

Our little netroots push went national, and also generated substantial organic grassroots momentum (despite what one person thinks).

You can still ride the Noriega Express and be one of the One Thousand Netroots Supporters of this campaign. There's still 125 seats left. But hey, time's running out; you only have until Sunday to get on board.

Considering what a jackass our Junior Senator was this past week (and considering your other option -- a man who believes pregnant women have no choice, but gays do --) it's long been clear to those of us who know the man that Rick Noriega is the only choice for the US Senate.

Won't you join us?

Update (6 p.m.): Noriega 78.4%, Watts 21.6%.

Update (9/25): Via Sharon and RG Ratcliffe, Noriega thanks the netroots:

"Now with this new dimension in American politics, the netroots allows for regular folks like myself, who have devoted their lives to public service to step forward and offer themselves up for higher office.

"No longer do you have to be a celebrity or a self-financed millionaire to offer yourself up for higher office.

"The netroots in large part has leveled the playing field."

"The netroots component is going to be a critical piece of us defeating John Cornyn and getting the state and nation back on track after this administration has so misled us."

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