Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Peace Pastor endorses Jill Stein for President

Several issues would rise unavoidably to the top of our own agenda: 1. poverty, 2. immigration, 3. health care, and 4. incarceration. And taking the same just posture as God does to these folks, our question would then inevitably need to be: which candidates are most passionate and skilled to get these people what they need, not treat both they and ourselves as we deem deserving? Secondarily, how are they addressing their intersection with racism, climate change, war and militarism, the war on drugs, joblessness due to Free Trade, and the economics of capitalism?

Neither major party candidate exhibits the level of concern that Jesus does for these vulnerable groups of people. And in driving through Houston’s upscale and impoverished neighborhoods it seems increasingly clear which party is viewed as showing more concern for the least of these.

Perhaps its time to consider a third party candidate such as Jill Stein of the Green party for President -- you live in Texas, your vote won’t change the outcome in this overwhelmingly red state. In platform, she more than any other candidate on your ballot exhibits a Matthew 25 (verses 31-46) approach to our community.

I'm not a Christian, as you perhaps already know. In fact I consider Christians much in the spirit of Mohandas Ghandi (disputed as to attribution, but still). I was raised by one devout Christian and one non-, and I have studied plenty of the various strains of Christianity such that while most of the Bible is fairy tale to me... who doesn't enjoy mythology, well-told?

If I were a Christian and still a Democrat or a Republican, then Marty Troyer (the Peace Pastor cited above) would present a compelling case for voting Green. But then we start to slip down that slope of modern-day Christians and hypocrisy and so on.

So just consider this in the spirit in which it is presented. If even Christians and agnostics can agree on some things, then perhaps Democrats and Republicans can as well.

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