Friday, May 27, 2005

About our gastronomic adventures (so far)

A quick jump on-and-off to talk a bit about what we're going to be consuming while we're in the great Northeast.

Last night we went to Bella's in Rockland and had a 1 1/2"center cut, bone-in, pork chop (sorry, vegan friends; you may start scrolling now) with vinegar-sauteed peppers, new potatoes mashed with rosemary, broccoli and toasted baguets.

Tonight we're proceeding to this establishment for some German food and ale. Tomorrow, a lobster roll from B&G Oyster Co.

For those of you 'Deadwood' fans, this next line falls under "having a digestive crisis and focusing on suppressing its expression": I noticed Tom DeLay couldn't stay out of the news. I'm sure he was just doing his part to contribute to the Republicans' worst week in a long, long, time.


(We'll be going there, too...)


Traveller said...

Ohmigod. Jacob Wirth's still exists? Can hardly believe it!

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Continuously ince 1868, p, and the grub was terrific. I had the scrod and Sue had the chowdah.

We met littlek and dagmaraka and ebrown_p and bobsmythehawk from A2K there; had a nice visit. Merry Andrew was unable to meet us but we might be able to hook up with him today.

Anonymous said...

Tom Delay is our best hope.