Monday, September 13, 2010

Perry and Staples create comedies of errors *with video updates*

Rick Perry's first TV ad failed to secure the permission of two of the businesses that appeared in it. And they would not have given their support if the campaign had asked, because they don't support the governor's re-election.

"I didn't know he was going to use our store in an ad. No, I don't support Governor Perry or his views."
--Peg McCoy, owner of Farm to Market Grocery in South Austin

Phillip Martin: Did you know they were going to be using your store in a television ad?

Max Berendt (owner of Austin's Avenue Barber Shop): Not at all, no.

PM: Did you sign any paper work saying that it’s okay for them to use this in an ad?

MB: Absolutely not.

PM: Do you support Governor Perry at all?

MB: I do not.

Even the Wall Street Journal has reported on the story. This is just a classic fuck-up on the part of the Perry campaign (read: dunderhead Mark Miner).

Not quite as historical as having "Rick Perry, Commissioner of Agriculture" inspection stickers on a Tyler gas pump, however. Those are 1997 vintage, by the way. And that's not even the best of it.

The regional inspector from the Texas Department of Agriculture, having been alerted by Todd Staples -- who was obviously paying attention to Hank Gilbert's press conference during their joint appearance at the DMN editorial board interview last Friday, when Gilbert announced he would have a presser today to video the 13-year-old-stickers -- showed up to inspect the pumps during Gilbert's press conference.


And KYTX CBS-19, in Tyler, with this report (video at link):

Are you getting your money's worth at the gas pump?

Well, the Democratic contender for agricultural commissioner says ‘no.'

He says nearly half of Smith County gas stations are out of date on inspections, and that could be affecting you when you fill up.

Hank Gilbert cited 16 different gas stations in Tyler, and 10 in Smith County he says are out of date for inspections, and he's not blaming the owners.

Before you fill up, the Democratic candidate for agriculture commissioner says you should take a look at the sticker next to the pump.

"Across the street from us is a gas station with inspection stickers from July 1997," says Gilbert.

And more still from KETK, the NBC affiliate (with even better video).

How is it that a plurality of Texas voters can continue to support this kind of Republican ignorance? Oh wait; I answered my own question.

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