Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adios MoFo

The good news for Rick Perry is that everyone will probably stop talking about his bizarre New Hampshire speech now. The bad news is: He created an even more cringe-inducing YouTube moment at Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate — one that probably represents the most embarrassing public slip-up in what has been a campaign full of them for Perry.

My first impression was -- seriously -- that it wasn't that bad. I laughed at him ... but I laugh at him all the time. Frankly I thought that Herman Cain's "Princess Nancy" was much, much worse.

Apparently, Perry’s Intrade value — which wasn’t that high to begin with, thanks in large part to all of the poor debate performances that preceded this — cratered in the few minutes after this exchange. This really has the potential to be the flub that will define all of Perry’s flubs. [...]

... When the debate ended, the host of CNBC’s wrap-up show called it a disastrous moment that will be replayed for years to come. He asked his guest, Larry Kudlow, if it’s a candidacy-killer for Perry. “I’m afraid it is,” Kudlow replied, calling it “a devastating gaffe.”

Later, Michele Bachmann appeared and said that she and the rest of the GOP candidates all feel sorry for Perry. That’s what it’s come to for the Texan: Three months after jumping into the GOP race and surging to a commanding lead, he’s now being pitied by Michele Bachmann. The real suspense around Perry now may simply be whether he bothers to stick around until Iowa.

New Hampshire's effort was manic, unscripted, and made Rick Perry actually seem gay, in public and for what I presume is the only time ever caught on camera.

This was just a garden variety brain fart.

But hey, whatever ends this for everybody I can get down with.


Infidel753 said...

My first impression was -- seriously -- that it wasn't that bad.

Funny, that was my impression too, the first time I saw the video -- until I started thinking how shocking it would be to see Romney or Obama make the same kind of fumble. The dumbth is "priced in" to our expectations of Perry to such an extent that we're not consciously aware of it, so that bumbling that would seem horrendous in a person we think of as smart just doesn't seem out of place from him.

He probably really is through, though. Once Republicans start thinking of putting this guy up against Obama in a debate.....

KatyDid said...

I sort of feel bad for the guy.

Every time I see him speak, I think to myself, "This is the guy who has been governor of my state for more than a decade?"

Susan said...

Well, shoot. It is fabulously odd when we expect the Texas Governor not to be able to count to three. He's trained us carefully in Texas not to expect much.

When he said "oops" like a little girl, all I could think of is that he wants his finger on the nuke button. I was already seeing the commercials of a mushroom cloud and an oops.

Dr. J said...

You know what feels good? Knowing that I never voted for Rick Perry in my entire life...